The Best. Period.

When you choose Gwen’s Rentals, you’re choosing the best of the best. Gwen’s is the only rental company to offer fully-fledged waterfront condos in the golden triangle and are available in both furnished and unfurnished styles — and all of our fully-furnished competitors range anywhere from $400 – 600 more per contract.  


If you choose Gwen’s, you’ll be renting from Gwen directly. There’s no middle-man here; all communication – both prior to and during your stay – will go directly through them. They’ll answer all of your questions, address any of your concerns, and make sure that you have the best stay possible when living in one of their apartments. And since you’ll be in direct contact with the owner, you can not only feel comfortable that you’re receiving the best treatment in all of southeast Texas, but also confident that you’re covered both physically and financially.


Gwen rents to anyone and everyone in need of a beachfront home, whether their stay is temporary or long-term. Businessmen and families alike are welcome to reside in one of Gwen’s 12 properties for as long as they wish, with no run around or commitment required.

Fully-furnished condos are equipped with wonderful accessories, such as washers and dryers, flat-screen televisions and free wireless internet. Residents also have access to some of the nicest pools on the island, free of any additional charge.


Whether you’re looking for a temporary home or simply a weekend getaway, Gwen’s Rentals is who you want to call. They’re both the most affordable and least stressful renters in all of southern Texas, so do yourself a favor and give your body that “vacation everyday” type feeling it has always deserved by booking your luxury condo today!